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Please fill out a separate online form for each child you want to register for The Creative Child Art Time with Monika Ruiz.

Payment instructions will be emailed to you. Pay by cash or check made out to Monica Ruiz. Pay by PayPal to

The Creative Child Art Time 

The Space To Be Creative

with Monika Ruiz

2018 Schedule – Wednesdays OR Fridays from 1:00 to 2:00PM

The Creative Child Art Time is a class where freedom, creativity, experimentation and encouragement meet. Children can learn and develop their artistic techniques while exploring their own ideas according to their personalities, ages, interests and vision, without having to confirm to any ideas imposed by adults.

Class: The Creative Child Art Time with Monika Ruiz

Dates: Wednesdays OR Fridays from 1:00 to 2:00PM

Location: IPS Morningside, 500 Amsterdam Avenue NE, Atlanta GA 30306

Cost: $80 per 4 classes; $60 for 3 classes; 5 Sessions $380

Save! Sign up for the 5 Sessions and save: $20, cash $20 additional, siblings $10 each

Pay cash or by check made out to Monica Ruiz. Pay by PayPal to

Classes are conducted in English and Spanish

Painting with Temperas Art Time 1 (4 Classes): Wednesdays, January 10 to 31; Fridays, January 5 to 26

Collage, Story Telling Art Time 2 (4 Classes): Wednesdays, February 7 to 28; Fridays, February 2 to 23

Mixed Media Painting Art Time 3  (4 Classes): Wednesdays, March 7 to 28; Fridays, March 9 to 30

3 Dimensional Design Art Time 4 (3 classes): Wednesdays, April 11 to 25; Fridays, April 13 to 27

Watercolors and Drawing Art Time 5 (4 Classes): Wednesdays, May 2 to 23; Fridays, May 4 to 25

Non-IPS Students welcome.

Walk-in attendees welcome based upon availability (Cost $25 per child per class)

Late registration, based on availability, on pro-rata basis.

Parental Waiver and Release: By submitting this form, I authorize my child and/or children to participate in this program and I agree to waive all claims against Monica Ruiz, the teachers, the staff, and the school/facility, for any illness, or injury, which may result directly or indirectly from the participation in this activity.

I give Monica Ruiz my permission to photograph me or my children participating in the Art Time class for use in only as it pertains to in-house program publicity, cards, flyers, and online publicity and will not seek compensation for such.

Late registration will be considered, providing that space is available and will be charged on a Pro-Rata basis+ application fees.

There will be no refunds for missed classes due to absence, field trips, etc. I further agree to pay all amounts due to the program in advance and understand that due to space limitations and preregistration requirements, cancellations cannot be accepted and will not be refunded.

I acknowledge that I have read (or have had read to me) the provisions in this waiver/release of liability and agree to abide by them.