“I strive to endow my paintings with visual existence, vibrancy, and life. I want my subjects- whether people, places, or leaves- to speak loudly with voices that are clear and free. I do not want to copy nature but recreate it!” Monika Ruiz

MONIKA RUIZ is a Colombian artist who has resided both in England and the United States. She is a successful fine artist with a concentration in painting. She has exhibited and sold her artwork around the world. Below are links to each of the series of paintings she has created. Click on an image to enter the gallery for that particular series.  Some of these works are available for purchase in the Shop.


Monika Ruiz Art - Dance View
Andean Series

Monika Ruiz Art - The King and Little Girlbird
Fairy Tales & Stories

Monika Ruiz Art - This Thing of Darkness
Goux Series

Monika Ruiz Art - Banana Night
Libe Garden Series

Monika Ruiz Art - The Storm
Jay & Boo Series

Monika Ruiz Art - Flying Bird
Martin Series

Monika Ruiz Art - Red Water
Merce Series

Monika Ruiz Art - Blue, Green Vein
Lines and Colors

Monika Ruiz Art - Gloria Red Hibiscus
Various Paintings

3-D Art


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